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  The IIR has three specializations: China IR Theory Research led by Professor Qin Yaqing, China and the International System led by Professor Zhu Liqun and East Asian Regional Cooperation and International Security led by Professor Wang Fan. Within these areas, the faculty members produced a series of first-class trail-blazer publications with international influence. From 2008 to 2012, the member of IIR have taken over one National Social Science Fund Major Breakthrough Project, one National Social Science Fund Vital Project and 28 projects at ministerial levels. We published over 100 research papers in key academic journals at home and 28 Monographs.

  Recent Books

  Qin Yaqing ed., Contemporary Western International Thoughts, World Affairs Press, 2012.

  Wang Fan ed., The United States Long-Term Strategy to China, World Affairs Press, 2012.

  Zhu Liqun ed., Practices of Engagement: Processes of China’s Involvement in the International System, World Affairs Press, 2012.

  Qin Yaqing ed., Great Power Relations and China’s Diplomacy, World Affairs Press, 2011.

  Lu Jing, Opening-up: International Experience and China’s Road, World Affairs Press, 2011.

  Zhao Huaipu, Contemporary History of U.S.-European Relations, World Affairs Press, 2011.

  Zhu Liqun, Garry Bertsch, Lu Jing eds, International Non-proliferation System: China and the US, World Affairs Press, 2011.

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