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The Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University
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  The Institute of International Relations (IIR) of China Foreign Affairs University, originally the Institute for International History Studies (IIHS), was founded in 1955 as the earliest research and teaching institutes on international affairs in China. It was renamed as IIR in 1984 with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. The Institute was accredited with the power to confer M.A. & Ph.D. degrees respectively in 1979 and 1984. After continuous hard work, the institute has an academic team featuring leading Ph. D. supervisors, the team members have intensive overseas experience, outstanding academic records and great communication skills. The IIR now has 5 Ph. D. supervisors, 7 professors, 4 associate professors and 4 lecturers. All of them have Doctor’s degrees. Many of them served in important positions in international academic associations at home and abroad. Since 1991, 13 faculty members have received special allowance from the State Council for their academic achievement. Professor Qin Yaqing, Professor Zhu Liqun and Professor Wang Fan received the “Award for Exceptional Educators in Beijing” respectively in 2006, 2007 and 2009. The institute also has a superb team of adjunct professors, who are either famous professors or senior diplomats. With their policy and theoretical insights, visions for academic innovation and mastery of foreign languages, these adjunct professors add to the appeal of the institute. Since 2004, China Foreign Affairs University has been one of only a couple of universities in China whose international relations discipline is the state’s key discipline. In 2009, the “Contemporary International Relations Teaching Team” won the award of “Excellent Teaching Team in Beijing”. In 2011, the discipline of international relations won the Award of National Level Key Displine.

  Since 1996, the institute consecutively invited experts and scholars from the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, and Poland to give lectures or participate in joint research projects. It has established routine faculty and graduate students exchanges programs with Georgia University, Russia University of Foreign Affairs, Moscow University of International Relations, LUSS University of Italy, and Minsk University. The Institute invites renowned Chinese and foreign scholars to give lectures and hosts several influential international seminars, including “East Asia and Southeast Asia Cooperative Security: Looking back at Experiences and Embracing Challenges” in 2009, “Latest Advances in International Security” in 2010, “Ten Years after Joining the WTO: China and International System” in 2011, “Dialogue on Sino-US Relations in the Next Five Years” in 2012. Through these international academic exchanges, the faculty members broaden their academic horizons and learn from the latest research and methods from abroad, deepen exchanges and understanding, and keep the momentum of the institute.   

  The IIR has three specializations: China IR Theory Research led by Professor Qin Yaqing, China and the International System led by Professor Zhu Liqun and East Asian Regional Cooperation and International Security led by Professor Wang Fan. Within these areas, the faculty members produced a series of first-class trail-blazer publications with international influence. From 2008 to 2012, the member of IIR have taken over one National Social Science Fund Major Breakthrough Project, one National Social Science Fund Vital Project and 28 projects at ministerial levels. We published over 100 research papers in key academic journals at home and 28 Monographs.

  After years of construction, the IIR now has relatively complete and systematic course systems, we offers more than 80 courses to undergraduate, double degrees, graduate and doctoral students. Our well-known courses include, International Relations History, Theory of International Relations, Methodology of International Relations, Economic Diplomacy, Introduction to International Security, Globalization and Global Governance, Thoughts of International Relations, and courses of area studies like Contemporary American Diplomacy, EU Studies, Middle East Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies, Soviet and Russian Studies and Japan Studies. Among them, “IR Theory after WWII” and “Theory of International Relations” is Excellent Course in Beijing, US-European Relations won the award of National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course. A series of courses are excellent courses in China Foreign Affairs University.

  The incumbent director of the IIR is Professor Lu Jing

  Deputy director is Associate Professor Qu Bo

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